Hey everyone, I'm leaving showgirldesigns, because I know its not only me who's noticed it, but despite so many tries, this comm is dying. I've found another community who was nice enough to accept me as a maker. If you want to see more of my work, go over to _paranoidicons or lindsay_icons.

Thanks to all who were always supportive of this comm!:) I had a great time posting here for the longest time ever. If anyone wants to become an owner from the current makers, please contact me through my personal journal.



This is a true shout-out to all the members who have continuously supported SGD through the 2 years that it has been alive! I hope that this comm will continue to survive another year even if posts have been declining in number and there are only a few people who grab the graphics. All 737 members still inspire all of us makers to continue to make our best work to keep SGD alive, so thanks to everyone!:))

sgd anniversary treats!:))

SGD is having their 2nd anniversary on the 17th of December! Isn't that great?! This comm will be around for 2 years already and in honor of this very special occasion, we'll be having 2 CONTESTS!:))

For this week, we'll be first having a HEADER AND ICON CONTEST FOR THE NEW HOLIDAY LAYOUT! The winner of this challenge will be granted a month's worth of posting access to showgirldesigns and their header will be used for the new layout.
Start sending in your entries now! This contest is open to everyone, even to non-members who are interested in giving it a shot. (HEADER SIZE MUST BE: 618 px x 468 px)

CONTEST ENDS ON: DECEMBER 14, 2007 so we can all see the new layout by our anniversary. What else are you waiting for? Post NOW!!!

Another contest from SGD will soon follow after this, so please stay posted for that!:))
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& etc...

[03] Katherine Heigl icons
[09] Kristen Bell graphics (06 icons & 03 banners)
[07] Nicole Richie graphics (06 icons & 01 banner)
[05] Britney Spears icons
[05] Charmed cast graphics (01 icon & 04 banners)

[29] TOTAL

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|| PIMPING: dancing_lims - currently in sign-up stage for LIMS & Icontest 01: Dirty Dancing is posted ||
BBAUS \\ Tahan

40 Icons + 1 Banner

Hi, my name is Kari and I'm a new maker here. I just wanted to say that I love this community. The makers here are so wonderful, and I'm extremely pleased to be included in that group now. I'm hoping to bring a lot to the community, and I've got a lot of ideas for games and promotional things and whatnot. <3

For my first post, I've made some new things, and included some of my old things that I think the community will like.

[08] Britney + [1] Britney Banner
[12] Smallville-related
[03] Dirty Dancing
[04] Labyrinth
[13] Random (including Jessica Simpson, Disney, Fergie, & text-only)

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Since only greyoctober  responded to my makers' cut post, here are the makers whose posting access removed:

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declaresI'll be opening up the MAKERS' APPLICATION again, so please spread the word that we're looking for were makers again.:D
You can all apply to become a maker here.
For those who have applied before, you can always apply again, you may have gotten better, who knows? I'm looking forward to accepting some fresh makers!
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I have decided to step down as a maker here at sgd. I guess you guys probably saw this coming. This past semester just pushed me so hard... and by the time it finally ended, i celebrated a very special birthday. Honestly, I held off for a really long time because I have always loved making graphics. But since I no longer have any time or passion, it's probably best that I leave. If i ever decide to make again, I'm sure you'll find me around! Love you guys!

ps; go see pirates of the caribbean 3... it was the BEST.
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