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04 December 2007 @ 07:56 pm
sgd anniversary treats!:))  

SGD is having their 2nd anniversary on the 17th of December! Isn't that great?! This comm will be around for 2 years already and in honor of this very special occasion, we'll be having 2 CONTESTS!:))

For this week, we'll be first having a HEADER AND ICON CONTEST FOR THE NEW HOLIDAY LAYOUT! The winner of this challenge will be granted a month's worth of posting access to showgirldesigns and their header will be used for the new layout.
Start sending in your entries now! This contest is open to everyone, even to non-members who are interested in giving it a shot. (HEADER SIZE MUST BE: 618 px x 468 px)

CONTEST ENDS ON: DECEMBER 14, 2007 so we can all see the new layout by our anniversary. What else are you waiting for? Post NOW!!!

Another contest from SGD will soon follow after this, so please stay posted for that!:))